Transforming Longevity:

Precision Health for the Future

Embrace a new era of personalized health with cutting-edge analytics, clinical expertise, and innovative wellness technologies.

Precision medicine technologies

Our Goal

To help you live a longer, healthier life by delaying age-related diseases through early detection and personalized interventions.

Our Promise

We focus on preventative, predictive, and personalized healthcare, placing you at the center of your lifelong wellness journey.

Our Mission

Through the integration of cutting-edge functional biomarkers, imaging and genomics, we offer membership-based clinical services.

Discover Next-Level Longevity with Our Enhanced suite

At Healthspan, we’re pushing the boundaries of healthspan enhancement. Our comprehensive suite, perfect for gyms, clinics, and wellness centers, includes:

AI & Analytics: Advanced predictive analytics and precision nutrition, powered by AI, to guide your wellness journey.
Full-Spectrum Biomarker Analysis: From hormones to metabolism, our lab biomarkers provide a complete health overview.
Expanded Clinical Services: Including hormone, obesity, and metabolism programs, plus innovative offerings like PhysioAge Analytics, nutraceuticals, VR exercises, and at-home health technologies.

Elevate your health experience with our cutting-edge suite

HealThspan Services

At Healthspan, we’re pushing the boundaries of healthspan enhancement. 

Smart mirrors

Integrate fitness tracking, skincare analysis, and personalized health tips into your daily routine with our smart mirror solutions.

advanced dashboards

Gain valuable insights into your health and wellness journey by centralizing and visualizing data from various smart devices on our advanced dashboards.

air quality testing

Ensure a healthy indoor environment by monitoring and optimizing air quality with our comprehensive testing services.

Home virtual workout

Transform your home into an immersive fitness studio with virtual reality (XR) workouts, providing engaging and effective exercise experiences for improved health and well-being.

super apps

Experience the convenience of a single platform for managing appointments, tracking health metrics, accessing virtual workouts.


We offer a custom zero-waste packaging platform, a container-sharing solution to the problem of single-use plastic waste.

Healthspan Hub

We help create Healthspan hubs in buildings and real-estate communities, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of health and wellness. This innovative concept brings together state-of-the-art medical facilities, cutting-edge research labs, and luxurious amenities to cater to the holistic well-being of its members.


 Elevate patient care with our AI-driven electronic medical record systems, offering predictive analytics and personalized health insights.

Longevity AI

Anticipate healthspan trajectories with advanced algorithms that deliver tailored recommendations for healthy aging.

Nutrition AI

Integrate cutting-edge food recognition and tracking into your services for precise nutritional analysis.

AI Nexus

Merge cognitive AI and medical expertise to preemptively address health concerns, maintaining your clients’ peak wellness.

Clinical Services

Deliver general health, sports medicine, and longevity consultations rooted in the latest scientific findings to personalize the path to wellness.


Revolutionize mental fitness with Neurable, offering users the power to measure and improve focus, reduce burnout, and optimize brain health through state-of-the-art EEG technology.

Skincare and Rejuvenation

Present a skincare line formulated to promote longevity and natural radiance, representing the pioneering spirit of BioAro. Our products are designed to rejuvenate, hydrate, and accentuate beauty from within.

Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Curate a selection of scientifically backed supplements aimed at hormone health, balanced nutrition, and cellular health. From muscle maintenance to immune support, our targeted solutions are tailored for comprehensive wellness.

Clinical Protocols

Integrate our protocols for longevity medicine, regenerative treatments, and cancer screening.

Analytics Platforms

 Utilize PhysioAge Analytics and TruAge® systems to offer comprehensive health assessments and biological age determination.

Tailored Therapies

 Employ our peptides, drips, and senolytics for targeted, effective treatments in line with the latest scientific research.

Precision Medicine

Through the integration of cutting-edge functional biomarkers, imaging, AI and DNA technologies, we offer membership-based clinical services for precision medicine.

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At Healthspan Digital, our approach to extending healthspan is guided by a deep commitment to your well-being, and it’s built on the pillars of precision, innovation, and utmost care.

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