Precision & Longevity

Unlocking the Power of Data for Precision Health

Outcome Predictions

Leveraging AI to forecast health outcomes, enhancing preventive care

Medical Research Analysis

Deep analysis of medical research data, driving innovative health solutions.

Genomics & Clinical Data Integration

Merging genomics with clinical insights for a holistic health perspective.
From raw, unstructured data to structured, actionable insights.

PanOmic Interface

Comprehensive analysis across omics data types (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) in a unified platform.

PGARO Technology

Advanced algorithms providing a personalized treatment roadmap based on genetic variations,

BioChain – Blockchain in Healthcare

Enhancing health data security, privacy, and interoperability with blockchain technology,

Genetic Mutation and Population Health (GMP)

Monitoring genetic changes, identifying emerging health risks, and providing proactive alerts.

BioEMR System

AI-powered Electronic Medical Record system revolutionizing healthcare management and practices, with client facing BioAPP.

BioEMR and BioAPP

Industry leading and customizable electronic medical record system, incorporates AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data. It can automatically extract insights, identify patterns, and provide predictive analytics to support clinical decision-making.​

Longevity AI

Cutting-edge and advanced AI, machine learning algorithms and data analytics enable the prediction of an individual’s healthspan, providing personalized insights and recommendations for healthy aging.

AI Nexus

Advanced Cognitive AI, machine learning (the data, facts and figures from monitoring devices) and input of dozens of medical experts enabling prediction of adverse health events even before onset of symptoms, providing real time recommendations for prevention.

Nutrition AI

Industry leading food recognition and nutrition tracking SDK designed to enable app developers to effortlessly add real-time on-device food recognition and typing-free food tracking functionality into their mobile applications.