BioAro Inc., a global innovator in biotechnology announces their new partnership with Healthspan Digital Inc., a data-driven Healthtech company. With the advent of modern medicine, life expectancy has more than doubled since 1900. However, increased longevity comes with a price—the longer we live, the greater the risk of developing age-related diseases.

Personalized health care combines the best practices from various fields and uses leading-edge innovation and technologies inherent in the so-called Smart Medicine. The current solutions that are available remain expensive, and inherently unscalable.

BioAro Inc, a Canadian-based biotechnology company is at the forefront of longevity advancements, has partnered with Healthspan Digital Inc, a Healthtech company focused on delivering cost-effective longevity biomarkers and clinical solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the health and fitness sector. Together, they will introduce accessible, preventative programs, including health screenings and precision diagnostics that will revolutionize the global wellness industry. The initial launch of these programs is planned for Canada and the Middle East region with Global presence as their next step forward in delivering precision health.

“The goal of this unique partnership is to scale precision health advancements worldwide, providing tailored and personalized screening technologies in order to advance the field of longevity medicine in the health and fitness industry,” says Dr. Anmol S Kapoor, Founder, and CEO of BioAro.

Under the name BioSpan, this initiative will drive research and clinical development to enhance the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of common medical conditions. By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as whole-genome sequencing, artificial intelligence predictive analytics, advanced functional biomarkers, and blockchain data storage. BioSpan aims to improve the well-being of clients in fitness centers, medical spas, and wellness clinics. Healthspan Digital, with its membership-based clinical service, will ensure that these advancements are accessible to individuals from all walks of life, offering a cost-effective, proactive, and preventative approach to precision wellness.

With the recent launch of their precision medicine platform in the UAE, BioAro is committed to extending population health-span and longevity. The company plans to set up testing labs, clinics, and personalized treatment facilities to upgrade healthcare services in the region.

“The Middle East region recognizes the immense potential of biotechnology, precision health and longevity as booming industries,” says Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmouni, endocrinologist and geneticist at the University of British Columbia, and Founder/CEO of Healthspan Digital Inc. “We are thrilled to have partnered with BioAro to introduce advancements in health-span technologies to clients in this region, helping to advance the field of longevity and enhance well-being.”

BioAro and Healthspan Digital are poised to revolutionize the health and fitness industry, providing individuals worldwide with the tools and solutions needed to live longer, healthier lives.

About BioAro Inc.BioAro is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was founded by Dr. Anmol Kapoor in 2021. The company specializes in pharmacogenetics, microbiome, nutrigenomics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, genomics, precision health, genetic counseling, and sequencing. The services provided by BioAro include whole exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, targeted panels, cancer sequencing, and microbiome sequencing, among others. BioAro also focuses on ensuring the wellness of people by studying their microbiomes and providing them with wellness coaching programs.