What is Your PhysioAge? Aggregate age of your major organ systems. It’s how old you are based on your body and not just your birthday.


Epigenetic testing by Trudiagnostic

  • Measures intrinsic aging based on age-related methylation changes to the DNA governed by genetics and heritable epigenetic changes.
  • Measures extrinsic aging based on the decline in immune function corresponding with age-related decline of tissue performance and disease risk.
  • Includes the Dunedin Pace of Aging measure to assess years of biological aging per year


Biological age calculator based on nine routine blood tests

  • Measures biological aging based on organ system function using nine biomarkers found in routine blood tests that are influenced by lifestyle genetic factors.
  • Correlates highly with chronological age and predicts all-cause mortality and death from specific diseases and can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies.


Metabolic and Immune System Aging

  • Evaluates the pattern of sugar molecules (glycosylation) covering immunoglobulins and functions as a marker of hormone optimization treatment response.
  • Characteristic patterns are strongly associated with age, disease states, and unhealthy lifestyles.


Telomere Length Measurement by Repeat Diagnostics®

  • Measures the ends of the telomeres, the caps at the ends of your chromosomes that act as a molecular clock by shortening with every cell division
  • Telomere shortening is highly correlated in numerous studies with aging and many disease states


Immune Function Testing by UCLA School of Medicine

  • Measures the health of the immune system using proprietary algorithms of standard immune subsets
  • Utilizes cutting-edge molecular markers for senescent and naïve T-cells


Arterial Stiffness Testing with SphygmoCor by Atcor Medical

  • Measures the suppleness of your arteries using pulse wave analysis
  • Assesses cardiovascular risk by measuring augmentation pressure


Pulmonary Function Testing with EasyOne Air Spirometer from NDD

  • Measures forced expiratory volume (FEV1/FCV), which is highly correlated with age
  • Predicts all-cause mortality, not just mortality from pulmonary disease


Cognitive Assessment Testing with CNS Vital Signs

  • Measures the most highly age-sensitive aspects of cognitive function using a computerized battery of tests
  • Functions as an effective screen for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease