Deena Al Jassasi

Director, Human Performance & Brain Health

Deena Al Jassasi is an Emirati health optimization expert focused on enhancing human performance through the integration of AI technology into physical and mental health strategies. As the Director of Human Performance at Healthspan Digital Inc., she develops programs that meld mental coaching with longevity science. She also leads Brainz.Health, her own venture, which simplifies mental healthcare by employing user-centered AI solutions.

With an educational background in Psychology and a theoretical understanding of the overlap between computers and human cognition, she has curated theories to help people better understand and optimize themselves on both mental and physical levels. 

Her work is driven by a commitment to precision medicine and the improvement of brain health and human performance. Deena advocates for innovative health practices and brings a practical, results-oriented outlook to her roles. Speaking multiple languages, she effectively communicates her vision for a future where advanced healthcare and technology converge for human benefit.