Longevity B2B2C Marketplace

Uber of specimen lab collections, at home testing, therapy and B2B marketplace

Pioneering the future of healthcare through innovative platform designed to make specimen collection convenient, efficient, and patient-centered. By seamlessly connecting patients with licensed professionals and partnering with labs, Welab aims to significantly reduce operational costs and expand the business for at-home testing.

Why Choose Healthspan

Choosing BioAro means partnering with a leader in personalized healthcare. Our unique combination of genetic testing, nutraceuticals, competitive pricing, and a commitment to data security positions us as your preferred choice for a health journey informed by genetics.

Precision Medicine Integration

Geneseq Marketplace offers a comprehensive suite of longevity and precision medicine services designed to empower healthcare providers, wellness clinics, and businesses aiming to offer personalized care to their clients. Navigating the Future of Longevity & Precision Medicine


Phenome Laboratory

Advanced functional and genomic biomarkers.


Advanced diagnostics and AI-powered personalized softwares

Clinical Protocols

Personalized care optimizing health and longevity.

Medical Devices

Innovative medical devices enhancing patient care.


Pioneering R&D in novel therapies and technologies.


Evidence-based supplements, vitamins, regenerative and aesthetic therapies.

Empowering Health Through Precision Medicine at Competitive Pricing

Healthspan empowers you to be the CEO of your own health with insights from your genes. With a longstanding presence in the sector, we offer genetic and microbiome testing and nutraceuticals at highly competitive prices. Our approach ensures personalized healthcare is both accessible and affordable. Our services unveil comprehensive insights into inherited and acquired health risks, guiding informed decisions based on your unique genetic makeup

Global Reach, Uncompromised Data Security

At healthspan the security and confidentiality of your data are paramount. We employ advanced blockchain technology for data protection. Rest assured, your data is never sold and strictly adheres to the regulations of your country, ensuring safety and compliance.

Future Vision: Innovating in Genetic Testing and Nutraceuticals

Aiming to be the top genetic testing provider, BioAro is committed to utilizing innovative technology for deeper genetic insights. Our vision includes exploring new treatment avenues and pharmaceutical applications, alongside offering high-quality nutraceuticals. We are dedicated to harnessing genomics across various sectors and value collaborative efforts in advancing the field.

Comprehensive Services for Personalized Health

Our services encompass Ancestry Testing, Health Risk Assessment, Personalized Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Counselling, Research Services, and specially formulated Nutraceuticals. These offerings cater to personal health management and scientific research, providing tailored solutions based on individual genetic profiles.