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Welcome to Healthspan Digital – Where Lifelong Wellness Begins.

We are a data-driven healthTech company focusing on cost-effective longevity biomarkers and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

We have developed a unique membership-based clinical program that brings together these cutting-edge advancements, enabling participatory longevity care for individuals from all walks of life


Improving human healthspan: Live a healthier and happier life.


Empower individuals and organizations with eading precision medicine and genomics,fostering longer, healthier lives. We’re committed to reshaping healthcare and making a lasting impact.


Simply how long you live, is your lifespan. How long you live
healthy — free of disease, is your healthspan.


Advanced functional biomarkers
Whole-body imaging
Whole-genome and epigenetic testing
Microbiome analysis
Hormone health and metabolism
Comprehensive clinical assessment
Precision nutrition
Cancer screening
AI-predictive analytics
AI-wellness coach
Evidence-backed supplements
Custom IV drips
Exercise physiology testing
Brain health coaching


Select the Healthspan membership that aligns with your health goals. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive care or the most advanced health solutions, we have a plan for you.


Welcome to your longevity journey. From your initial in-depth assessment to your continuing touchpoints, your Healthspan digital team will guide you on your path to live better, longer.

Pre-visit Call

30 min
An introductory call with the Healthspan Medical Team to discuss health goals, health history and how to prepare for the Healthspan Visit.

Day 1
Healthspan Visit

6 hours
You will participate in a broad range of assessments to gain unique insights into your health.

Comprehensive Results Review

60 min
3 weeks post Healthspan Visit – The Medical Team will discuss your results, key findings, insights and action items to establish year 1 goals.

Initial Nutrition & Exercise Consults

60 min each
The initial calls with the Healthspan Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist are to discuss diet, exercise and lifestyle recommendations. This includes an introduction to monitoring devices that will help track your health goals.

3 Month
Follow-up Nutrition & Exercise Consults

30 min each
Using data from your monitoring devices, our Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist will review and formulate an updated nutrition plan to further achieve your objectives.

6 Month
6 mo. Follow up with labs & consult

60 min each
Mid-point member check-in. Opportunity to review and assess progress and measure initial outcomes. Gauge impact of original recommendations and refine goals for the next stage of the journey.

9 Month
Final Nutrition & Exercise Consults

60 min each
With insights based on your mid-year follow-up and previous consults, our Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist will provide continued guidance and support.

1 Year
Annual Review & Following Yr. Prep

30 min
This call with the Medical Team will be used to review the years progress.