Genomic Sequencing

Cutting-edge genomic and epigenomic sequencing for personalized health insights.

Biological age

Advanced methylation and telomere testing.

Cancer detection

Advanced multi-cancer early detection

Microbiome Analysis

Comprehensive microbiome profiling to understand and improve gut, oral, skin and vaginal health.

PanOmics Approach

Integrating diverse omic data for a complete health picture, including metabolomic, epigenomic, proteinomic and transcriptomic.

Targeted Panels

Specialized tests for specific conditions, providing detailed insights.

Heavy metal, vitamin and endocrine disruptors

Advanced screening for common and rare conditions

DNA Lab Service

Leading-Edge Laboratories for Advanced Healthcare

Genome Sequencing

DNA R&D Collaboration

DNA Software Licensing

DNA Supplements


DNA App Reports

DNA Memberships

DNA Education


Leading-Edge Laboratories for Advanced Healthcare


Evaluate protein expression for a better understanding of cellular function and prediction of therapeutic responses


Evaluate all the metabolites present in a cell, tissue, or organism, including small molecules, carbohydrates, peptides, lipids, nucleosides


Study the complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome.


Examine heritable changes in gene expression activity caused by factors other than DNA changes.


Examine all the microorganisms of a community in an organ.

The Female Longevity Factor