Building a Comprehensive Healthspan Clinical Service model for the Fitness Industry

By Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD FRCPC and Kara Wood, BASc DMAC

Healthspan Digital Inc is a healthTech company based in Toronto, Canada, which offers data-driven services focusing on cost-effective longevity biomarkers and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The primary objective is to revolutionize the health and fitness industry through the integration of precision medicine, genomics, and longevity programs. Healthspan Digital has developed a unique membership-based clinical service that brings together these cutting-edge advancements, enabling participatory longevity care for individuals from all walks of life. They offer a proprietary and curated Healthspan-as-a-Service (H-as-a-S) program for a proactive and preventative precision medicine, by building and operating cost-effective clinical programs in world-class gyms and spas.

When it comes to building clinical services for the fitness industry, there are several key steps that Healthspan Digital Inc has considered.

  1. Identify Target Market: Proactive captive audience in the fitness industry, including athletes, fitness enthusiasts, individuals with specific health conditions, or those looking for performance optimization.
  2. Define Service Offerings: Healthspan’s clinical and digital health. services include:

a. Artificial intelligence-onboarding software

b. Comprehensive clinical assessment

c. Advanced functional biomarkers

d. Whole-body imaging

e. Whole-genome and epigenetic testing

f. Microbiome analysis

g. Hormone health and metabolism

h. Precision nutrition

i. Cancer screening

j. AI-predictive analytics

k. AI-wellness coach

l. Evidence-backed supplements

m. Digital health platform for hormone health, weight loss management and sexual wellbeing

3. Assemble a Qualified Team: Healthspan’s team of qualified professionals have expertise in internal medicine, nutrition, endocrinology, metabolism, genomics, precision medicine, regenerative medicine and surgery. They include:

a. Fady Hannah-Shmouni MD FRCPC, Chief Executive Officer; a physician-entrepreneur, author and thought leader in precision medicine, endocrinology and genetics, he also serves as a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia and offers expertise in early-stage startup consultation and investment.

b. Kara Wood BASc DMAC, Chief Operating Officer, with over 20 years of experience in digital innovation. Her strategic and operational prowess has led to pioneering practices and partnerships, and she’s played a key role in revamping processes as a Board Member at the Women’s College Hospital Foundation.

c. Constantine A. Stratakis MD D(Med)Sci PhD, Chief Science Officer; an internationally recognized investigator in precision medicine and genetics. He identifies genes and diseases, and his extensive publications contribute to human inherited disorders and cancer genetics.

d. Jennifer Pearlman MD, CCFP, NCMP, FAARM, ABAARM, CFA, Chief Business Officer; an internationally renowned expert in Regenerative and Aesthetic medicine. She is Medical Director and owner of PearlMD Rejuvenation, where she helps patients live longer and younger. She is a global leader and faculty in Aesthetic Medicine and serves as Peer Educator and Medical Legal Expert.

e. Cory Goldberg BSc, MD, MASC, FRCSC, FACS, MBA, Chief Medical Officer; a plastic surgeon and longevity medicine physician with advanced training in Craniofacial Surgery and an MBA in International Business, he leads efforts to address the elective surgery crisis in Ontario and volunteers for cleft lip surgery globally.

4. Set Up a Clinical Facility: Healthspan has established tier 1 services in gym facilities, including counseling rooms, fitness testing tools, and other specialized equipment required for clinical services. Tier 2 services including treatments and subspecialized care are offered through a third party partner.

5. Develop Treatment Protocols: Healthspan has developed an evidence-based screening and treatment protocol that guide clinicians in delivering high-quality care. These protocols are tailored to the needs of the target market and align with industry best practices.

6. Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Healthspan’s services and digital health tools comply with all relevant regulations and licensing requirements for clinical services. This includes maintaining proper documentation, adhering to privacy and security regulations, and obtaining the necessary certifications.

7. Offer Exceptional Customer Service: Healthspan’s program assures excellent customer service to enhance the overall patient experience. This includes effective communication, personalized care plans, and prompt follow-up to address any concerns or questions.

Building a healthspan clinical service model for the fitness industry requires a strong understanding of the market, a qualified team, and a commitment to delivering high-quality care. Healthspan Digital Inc has created a comprehensive clinical services program that meet the unique needs of fitness enthusiasts and contribute to their overall well-being.

About the authors:

Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD DABIM FRCPC is a physician-investor with expertise in endocrinology, hypertension, genomics, and precision medicine. Currently, he serves as a clinical professor of medicine and a clinical endocrinologist/geneticist at the University of British Columbia. His passion lies in empowering consumers with access to cutting-edge technologies in precision medicine, such as artificial intelligence, genomic medicine, and healthspan advancements. Driven by this commitment, he founded Healthspan Digital Inc, a Canadian healthTech specializing in precision healthcare and is dedicated to building longevity biomarkers and developing clinical programs for the health and fitness industry. Through Healthspan Digital, he aims to provide individuals with personalized and proactive healthcare solutions, utilizing the latest advancements in precision medicine.

Kara Wood, BASc. DMAC as COO is the co-founder of Healthspan Digital With her agency work in the digital sector, she blends over two decades of experience in launching early-stage medical technologies with a rich history of innovative hospital board leadership. Her tenure on a tech-progressive hospital board underscores her commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery. At Healthspan, Kara oversees the operations and development of cutting-edge precision medicine software and products, ensuring these sophisticated technologies become accessible, practical treatments. Her strategic work in product development positions Healthspan Digital Inc. and its clients at the forefront of delivering advanced precision medicine solutions with unparalleled quality and foresight.

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