Healthspan Digital Inc Announced as Exclusive Distributor of Marketplace, Leading the Charge in Longevity Biomarker Commercialization through B2B Model

Healthspan Digital Inc, a pioneering company in the field of digital health and longevity, is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with Marketplace, a cutting-edge platform for longevity biomarker testing. Through this collaboration, Healthspan Digital Inc will serve as the sole distributor of’s innovative products, focusing on commercializing a range of longevity biomarkers including whole-genome sequencing testing, microbiome testing, and biological age testing.

As the field of longevity research continues to advance, Healthspan Digital Inc recognizes the importance of early detection and prevention of age-related diseases. By partnering with, a leader in the commercialization of advanced biomarker testing technologies, Healthspan Digital Inc aims to revolutionize the way individuals approach their health and well-being.

“Healthspan Digital is thrilled to partner with in this exclusive distribution agreement,” said Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmouni, Founder and CEO of Healthspan Digital Inc. “We believe that the future of healthcare lies in personalized medicine and proactive health management. By offering access to’s state-of-the-art longevity biomarker marketplace, we are empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their health and make informed decisions based on their unique genetic makeup.”’s marketplace is a one-stop-shop for longevity biomarker testing, providing individuals and businesses with access to cutting-edge technologies and a wide array of comprehensive testing options. Through the marketplace, Healthspan Digital Inc will enable healthcare providers, research institutions, and other businesses to offer these advanced biomarker tests to their clients, ensuring a seamless experience and accurate results, through a seamless drag and drop feature.

This exclusive partnership between Healthspan Digital Inc and will pave the way for accelerated research and development in the field of longevity biomarkers. By offering accessible and reliable testing options, the collaboration aims to empower individuals, healthcare providers, and businesses to proactively manage their health and make informed decisions for a longer, healthier life.

About Healthspan Digital Inc:

Healthspan Digital Inc is a healthTech company based in Toronto, Canada, which offers data-driven services focusing on cost-effective longevity biomarkers and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The primary objective is to revolutionize the health and fitness industry through the integration of precision medicine, genomics, and longevity programs. Healthspan Digital has developed a unique membership-based clinical service that brings together these cutting-edge advancements, enabling participatory longevity care for individuals from all walks of life. They offer a proprietary and curated Healthspan-as-a-Service (H-as-a-S) program for a proactive and preventative precision medicine, by building and operating cost-effective clinical programs in world-class gyms and spas.

About Marketplace: Marketplace is a cutting-edge platform for longevity biomarker testing. The marketplace offers a wide range of advanced biomarker testing options, including whole-genome sequencing testing, microbiome testing, and biological age testing.

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