Healthspan Digital Inc. launches Longevity-as-a-Service for the health and fitness industry

Welcome to Healthspan Digital – Where Lifelong Wellness Begins!

Healthspan Digital Inc, an international company based in Toronto, Canada, offers data-driven services focusing on cost-effective longevity biomarkers and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  The primary objective is to revolutionize the health and fitness industry through the integration of precision medicine, genomics, and longevity programs. 

Healthspan Digital has developed a unique membership-based clinical service that brings together these cutting-edge advancements, enabling participatory longevity care for individuals from all walks of life. They offer a proprietary and curated Longevity-as-a-Service (Lo-as-a-S) program for a proactive and preventative precision medicine, by building and operating cost-effective clinical programs in world-class gyms and spas.

Their curated products and services include:

  • Artificial intelligence-onboarding software 
  • Comprehensive clinical assessment
  • Advanced functional biomarkers
  • Whole-body imaging
  • Whole-genome and epigenetic testing
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Hormone health and metabolism
  • Precision nutrition
  • Cancer screening
  • AI-predictive analytics
  • AI-wellness coach
  • Evidence-backed supplements

What do we do at Healthspan Digital? 

1. Comprehensive Assessment Process:

At the heart of our approach lies our comprehensive assessment process. We leave no stone unturned in understanding your unique health profile. Our world-class longevity program houses cutting-edge diagnostic tools and a team of experts who conduct extensive assessments tailored to your needs. From advanced functional biomarkers including metabolomic analysis to state-of-the-art whole-genome testing and predictive analytic tools, we gather a wealth of information to develop a clear picture of your health.

2. Client-Centered Care:

We place you at the center of everything we do. Your health journey is as unique as your DNA, and we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we provide personalized, client-centered care that considers your individual genetics, lifestyle, and goals. We’re here to listen, to understand, and to collaborate with you in designing a wellness plan that fits seamlessly into your life.

3. Preventative, Predictive, and Personalized Health Care:

Our commitment to you is to offer preventative, predictive, and personalized health care. We’re not just treating symptoms; we’re identifying potential issues before they become problems. Through precision medicine and genomics, we can foresee health challenges, allowing you to take proactive steps toward a healthier future.

4. Annual Reassessments and Ongoing Support:

Healthspan is not a one-time experience; it’s a lifelong journey. Our annual reassessments ensure that your health plan evolves with you. We track your progress, celebrate your successes, and make adjustments as needed. Our multiple touch points throughout the year keep you engaged and motivated to stay on the path to wellness.

In essence, our approach is about empowering you to take control of your health. It’s about providing you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to make informed decisions and lead a longer, healthier life. Healthspan is not just a service; it’s a partnership in your pursuit of lifelong wellness.

How are we able to build these services?

Healthspan Digital uses cutting edge technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze genomics, clinical and imaging information and thus guide with precision advice on general health, specific medical issues, if any, nutrition, and exercise among other things. 

Our Lo-as-a-S will help you make the healthy choices that guarantee a healthier and longer life. 

Through exclusive partnerships, we have secured distribution rights for a range of AI-powered software and advanced functional biomarkers. These groundbreaking tools have enabled us to develop, launch and manage a proprietary longevity program that can be implemented at a low cost. Additionally, we have created a cutting-edge B2B marketplace for longevity biomarkers, offering a simple low code, drag-and-drop functionality for businesses to effortlessly integrate products such as whole-genome sequencing, epigenetic markers, supplements, metabolomics and microbiome testing into their sales channels. The above are supported by AI-based clinical dashboard and predictive analytics, wellness coach and precision nutrition, as well as functional biomarkers including metabolomics and microbiome testing, whole-genome sequencing and epigenetic markers, genetic counseling, and more specialized services such as hormonal and general medical care advice.  


Healthspan Digital Inc. is set to rewrite the rules for healthy aging! Embracing the boundless potential of science and innovation, we embark on an exhilarating journey to redefine human wellness and longevity. We are committed to our patients but also to empowering businesses with innovative approaches on understanding health, well-being, and aging.

Ready to embark on your journey toward a healthier, longer life? Contact us today to begin your personalized health assessment.

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