Optimizing human performance through Healthspan programs

Dr. Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD DABIM FRCPC,

The wellness and fitness industry has always been at the forefront of embracing advancements in technology and science to enhance human performance and well-being. In recent years, a new wave of longevity advancements has emerged, offering a promising avenue for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and professionals in the industry. 

Healthspan Digital Inc has launched its first program in the Middle East with Lifespan Sports Medicine Center Clinic (Lifespan), a state-of-the-art facility for sports medicine, wellness, longevity, and regenerative medicine in Dubai, UAE. Lifespan’s mission is to empower clients to live their best lives by providing them with the highest quality care, guidance, and support in their quest to achieve their wellness and fitness goals. 

Lifespan is Dubai’s leader in advanced multi-modality diagnostic imaging and molecular biomarker testing, combining expert physicians and allied health care providers to redefine the approach to healthy living and promote longevity. Lifespan offers comprehensive and personalized clinical programs focusing on preventive care, precision fitness and healthy aging.

Healthspan Programs

Healthspan Digital and Lifespan have developed a unique membership-based clinical service that brings together cutting-edge advancements in precision medicine, enabling participatory longevity care for individuals from all walks of life. They offer proprietary and curated Healthspan programs for personalized, predictive, and preventative health care. The Healthspan program combines Lifespan’s expertise in sports medicine and regenerative therapies including stem cells, exosomes, ozone therapy, rehabilitation and photobiomodulation, with innovative and advanced diagnostics, including AI-powered digital health solutions and clinical protocols to create a unique offering focused on enhancing the quality of life and optimizing performance. 

Healthspan membership offers a range of products focusing on proactive and preventative health care services. Lifespan offers three tiers, Healthspan Proactive, Healthspan Precision, and Healthspan Precision+. These services include personalized clinical assessments and advanced diagnostics such as blood biomarkers, genetics, epigenetics, and whole-body imaging; fitness evaluation through an in-house sports laboratory, which includes muscle strength testing, VO2 max, gait analysis and rehabilitation services; digital wellness coaching; therapeutics including regenerative medicines, DNA-based supplements including senolytics, hormone replacement therapy and weight loss services; and access to a network of leading healthcare professionals. The program utilizes advanced digital tools and AI-powered predictive analytics to deliver tailored recommendations and support to participants, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health, well-being, and fitness journey.

  1. Healthspan Proactive 
  • Comprehensive medical expert consultation 60 min + follow up
  • Basic laboratory diagnostics 
  • Brain health and Neuroage
  • Sleep assessment 
  • Hormone health and fat loss optimization 
  • Body composition (Inbody)
  • Sphygmocor (Cardioage)
  • Spirometry (Pulmoage)
  • VO2 max
  • Muscle strength testing with dynamometer (leg and hand grip)
  • Stress EKG
  • Physiotherapy assessment 
  • Dashboard with analytics
  1. Healthspan Precision
  • Comprehensive consultation at baseline, and 12 months concierge services 
  • Advanced fitness and exercise assessment
  • Advanced laboratory diagnostics at baseline and follow up; personalized blood panels 
  • Brain health and Neuroage
  • Hormone health and fat loss optimization 
  • Body composition (Inbody + DEXA)
  • Sphygmocor (Cardioage)
  • Spirometry (Pulmoage)
  • Sleep assessment 
  • AI-nutrition assessment 
  • VO2 max
  • Muscle strength testing with dynamometer (leg and hand grip)
  • Gait analysis 
  • Baseline and Stress EKG; echocardiogram
  • Physiotherapy assessment 
  • Full body MRI
  • Retinal imaging 
  • Genetic testing (microbiome, rare disease screen, DNA-based supplements, pharmacogenomics, longevity and wellness report, nutrigenomics) 
  • Epigenetic testing at baseline and follow up (biological age, pace of aging, telomere length) 
  • Dashboard with analytics and client app, remote monitoring 
  • Longevity report, quarterly re-assessments, integrated care team and personalized coordinator 
  • Gym and facility access
  • Advanced dashboard with predictive analytics and biomarker tracking 
  • Optional: CT coronary, Galleri® multi-cancer early detection, supplements including senolytics, wearable devices, at home continuous hormone monitoring device from Eli.Health, endocrine-disrupting chemicals (PFAS) measurement, food allergy testing, multi-omics
  1. Healthspan Precision+ 
  • Healthspan precision assessment and;
  • IV vitamins x 6
  • NAD+ x 10
  • IV exosomes (Vitacell biologics) x 2
  • EBOO (Dialysis, Ozone and Oxygenation) x 2
  • Photobiomodulations (laser bed) x 10
  1. Individual services
  • Consultations (internal medicine, endocrinology, genetics, sports medicine, regenerative medicine)
  • IV therapy
  • EBO
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Gait analysis 
  • Electromyography and nerve conduction studies
  • Supplements 
  • Sports lab testing
  • Health coaching 
  • Personal training 

How does it work?

With a focus on health span, the years lived in good health, the program is designed to provide personalized, bespoke and curated actionable guidance, empowering clients to enhance their health. 

The first visit will be an in person assessment for about 5 hours at the Lifespan Sports Medicine Center Clinic in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai, UAE. The initial assessment day will include:

  • Pre-visit onboarding
  • Onsite registration 
  • Baseline neurocognitive and cardiovascular testing
  • Advanced molecular biomarker testing
  • Exercise physiology in sports medicine laboratory 
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Dashboard, wearables and client app onboarding

Our highly-trained Longevity Physician and integrated care team will then create your personalized Healthspan Medical Report and follow up assessments. You can expect multiple meetings (in person or virtual) with our physicians to discuss and deliver your report and results after your assessment day. Our team will work with you throughout the length of the program to optimize your health span and longevity performance. Our team will also work with your local allied health providers and personal trainers to deliver a shared-model for precision health.

The Healthspan Precision+ program offers regenerative medicine therapies including NAD+, IV exosomes (Vitacell biologics), EBOO (Dialysis, Ozone and Oxygenation) and Photobiomodulations (laser bed). These can be scheduled at your convenience.

Revolutionizing Training Methods

Longevity advancements can revolutionize training methods by providing a deeper understanding of the human body and its response to exercise. With the help of cutting-edge technologies such as wearable devices, genetic testing, and artificial intelligence onboarding and predictive analytics, fitness professionals can gather precise data on an individual’s physiological responses to different types of exercises. This information can then be used to tailor personalized training programs that optimize performance, prevent injuries, and promote longevity.

Enhancing Recovery and Regeneration

Recovery and regeneration are critical aspects of any fitness routine, as they allow the body to repair and rebuild, leading to improved performance and reduced risk of injury. Longevity advancements offer innovative approaches to enhance recovery, such as nutrition, supplements, and regenerative medicine techniques. These techniques can help reduce inflammation, speed up tissue repair, and promote cell rejuvenation, ultimately enhancing the recovery process.

Promoting Longevity and Vitality

One of the ultimate goals of the wellness and fitness industry is to help individuals lead longer, healthier lives. Longevity advancements provide exciting opportunities to extend the active lifespan of individuals by targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging. From nutritional interventions to hormone optimization and innovative anti-aging therapies, the fitness industry can embrace these advancements to offer programs and services that promote not only physical fitness but also longevity and vitality.

Embracing Longevity Advancements

As longevity advancements continue to evolve, the wellness and fitness industry has a unique opportunity to embrace these innovations and reshape the way we approach fitness, training, and overall well-being. By leveraging the power of technology, data, and scientific breakthroughs, the industry can optimize training methods, accelerate recovery, and extend the active lifespan of individuals. Embracing longevity advancements will not only benefit athletes and fitness enthusiasts but also contribute to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant society as a whole..

About the Author

Fady Hannah-Shmouni, MD DABIM FRCPC, is a physician-investor with expertise in endocrinology, hypertension, genomics, and precision medicine. Currently, he serves as a clinical professor of medicine and a clinical endocrinologist/geneticist at the University of British Columbia, and a longevity medicine physician at Lifespan Sports Medicine Center Clinic in Dubai, UAE. His passion lies in empowering consumers with access to cutting-edge technologies in precision medicine, such as artificial intelligence, genomic medicine, and healthspan advancements. Driven by this commitment, he founded Healthspan Digital Inc, a Canadian healthTech specializing in precision healthcare and is dedicated to building longevity biomarkers and developing clinical programs for the health and fitness industry

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